100 Papeis de Parede para seu site e para o Google +1

Eles estão em multiplos tamanhos, porém eu não os hospedo aqui no site eu apenas estou linkando eles aqui para que você veja e caso goste dos Papeis de Parede basta clicar na imagem que você será redirecionado para o original do Wallpaper. 

eu tenho certeza que você irá gostar de baixar o papel de parede com a melhor resolução, que é 2560 x 1600 pixels. Bom, eu facilitei ao máximo o seu trabalho, que se resumiu a gostar, clicar e fazer o download do papel de parede. Lembre-se que as imagens são todas royalty free ou seja você pode usar e abusar das imagens para usar no seu site ou mesmo como background para o seu google +1 pois são grátis para baixar.

Nesta coleção você irá encontrar: 

  • imagens retro, com estampas variadas, 
  • Imagens de tirar o fôlego da Nova Zelândia e de pássaros Voando
  • Algumas delas não são full HD na resolução 2048x2048 mas chegam perto
  • Papeis de Parede dos Herois da Marvel
  • Papel de Parede de Jogos que fizeram sucesso
  • Fotos de Macro
  • Papel de Paredes de Cidades

Sunset at Grand Gayman by Michael Toye

Take Flight by Mkaldani

Enlightenment by Dominic Kamp

Solace by John Carey

Orange Days by Robert Ekman

Buddha's Fingers by Morten.lines

The Cliffs by Ben Eubank

Iron Man 2

Rakin Kotka by Tuomas Hämäläinen

Colors of New York by Dominic Kamp

Japanese Garden Kyoto by Marxpix

Masyaf Discovery by gamer10

Endeavour's Launch by Bruno Casarini

Canopy by DiscoV8

Dark Night by Mkaldani

Oregon Hills by Pearson0

Daisy by DiscoV8

Veni Vidi Venice by Dominic Kamp

The Open Road by Trey Ratcliff

Cornwall Park Dusk by Chris Gin

Asdf by John Carey

While Waiting For Milky Way by Jonathan Besler

The Time of Silence by Dominic Kamp

Red Bridge in Late Afternoon by Trey Ratcliff

Lake Chapala, Jalisco, Mexico by Alex Sabatini

Autumn by DiscoV8

Oahu Valley by Mike Damianakis

Lake at Night by Daniel Frome

The Boat in Portofino by Trey Ratcliff

Going Home by John Carey

Inherently Powerful, Unexpectedly Sweet by Said Ehrlich

Hills of Color by StarFront Photography (Jacob Penderworth)

Green Lake Sunset by Lucas Jungmann

Mont Blanc by Alex Strohl

Autumn Lake by Chris Gin

Elementary by Sven Müller

Of The Blue Colour Of The Sky by acidphosphatase

Westland Sunset by Jon Packer

Trifecta by Colin Wojno

Blue Sky by Skywalker Graphics

The Name Of The Rose by Giovanni Di Gregorio

Something Old by John Carey

Fiery Storm by Josh220

Moving Up by John Carey

Red Sunset by NYClaudioTesta

Milford Sound Sunrise by Jon Packer

The Sleeping Giant And The Moon by Jack_the_Kayman

Sunset On Fire by Andy Hutchinson

Yellow Autumn by chikyb

Blissful Paradise by Josh220

Yllasjarv by Ingostahlphotography

Herbert Lake by Lucas Jungmann

La Mar Lamora by Nicolas Kamp

Ferie by Jon Packer

Home Screen Wallpapers

And now on to the main course. Here you’ll find some more abstract wallpaper and backgrounds for your Home Screen.

Rainbow Abstract by Angel

iPADD by Louie Mantia

Blue Noise by Cloventt

Trio Cold by Marc Edwards

Light in the Mountains by Trey Ratcliff

The Essence of Fire by Caleb R. Joyce

Galaxy NGC 3190 by Javier Ocasio

Pier To Nowhere by TJP_

Blue Roof by Brett Jordan

Business Arrow by Angel

The Fog by Hailey Lane

Vaja Dark by ScneiderStudios

Nature's Beach Floor by Allen Cisneros

The Fence by Robert Ekman

Blue Sunrise by BoselySam

Letting Go by John Carey

Don't Panic by Louie Mantia

Trio Cool by Marc Edwards

Spring Wheat by Alexander Kirichev

Blurred Country by Martz90

Bubblicular by Conduit

Thank You, Steve by Manuel Nuetzinger

Pathway by Unknown

Crystal Cave by Matthias Sanne

Mr. Incredible by Louie Mantia

Morning Mist by Jonas Funkenweh

Bamboo by Hiphoper

The Deep Shallow by John Carey

Tiny Wings by Vladstudio

Trio Hot by Marc Edwards

Orbital by PerfectHue

Blueprint Neue by Louie Mantia

Vanishing Bridge by Matt Hanson

The Shining by Louie Mantia

Levitating Droplets by Michael Phang

An Emerald Princess by Leslley Scotte

Trio Aqua by Marc Edwards

Autumn Bloom by jag64551

The Guide by Louie Mantia

Purple Murmer by C.J. Toscano

Virtue Of Nature by Nadeem

Holywell Bay by JulianHJ

Black Leather by Adam Betts

Dust by John Carey

Serenity by Louie Mantia

Break Of Dawn by Dominic Kamp

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